The benefits of breastfeeding for babies Intestine

Posted by pak yons on Saturday, January 5, 2013

Breastfeeding babies, Mother's Milk (ASI) has been known to be the best intake for infants. A study published in Genome Biology, reveals exclusive breastfeeding of a baby is able to maintain intestinal microbial attack.

breastfeeding for baby
, In this study, the researchers used transcriptome analysis to compare the gut to the three month old baby. The first group of babies are breastfed exclusively, while the other group was given supplemental breast milk and formula milk.

The benefits of breastfeeding for babies Intestine , The study showed that babies who were breastfed exclusively had the intestinal immune system in warding off microbial attack. "Although we found that the microbiome of infants who were breastfed were significantly enriched in genes associated with 'virulence', including resistance to antibiotics and toxic compounds, we also found a correlation between bacterial pathogenicity and host gene expression associated with immune and defense mechanisms , "said Robert Chapkin from Texas A and M University, as quoted Zeenews, Monday (30/4).

"Our findings suggest that breastfeeding benefits the immune system, reducing the microbial population in the gut, and maintain the stability of the gut," breastfeeding for baby...he added.
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Calm Baby when he Morbidity

Posted by pak yons on Friday, January 4, 2013

How to calm a baby, WHEN your baby feel pain, be it from things such as teething, circumcision, or vaccination, as a parent, you can take steps to calm the baby. calming a baby, You can entertain and relieve the pain they feel.

Calming babies..To make your baby more calm when feeling pain, experts at The University of Michigan Health System offers these suggestions:

a. Hold baby to your skin and baby touch each other.

b. Distract your baby by singing, talking, or moving.

c. Immediate breast-fed baby.

d. If you are not breastfeeding, give milk in the bottle nipple has been soaked in a solution of sugar.
 calming babies
e. Ask your doctor about pain medication intended specifically for infants.
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Greatness Pets & Animals for Babies

Posted by pak yons on Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Animals and their babies
NO longer welds prohibit pets roam around your baby. Because, according to the study, babies who spent several weeks with pet dogs or cats less risk of ear infections, cough, or runny nose.

animals having babies, According to a study in the journal Pediatrics, Finnish researchers studied 397 babies born at the hospital between September 2002 and May 2005 during their first year. The parents have filled out a weekly diary begins when the child was nine weeks, recording information on the health of infants and their contact with cats and dogs.

Based on the diaries and questionnaires were collected at the end of the year, the researchers found the baby at home with a cat or dog is about 30 percent smaller risk of respiratory infection symptoms, which include coughing, wheezing, tightness, fever, and ear infections.

The study did not specify the reasons why the animals had to protect the baby against infection. "The possibility of pets can improve a child's immune system in the first year of life," said researcher Eija Bergroth, daro Kuopio University Hospital in Finland.

Dirt and germs that brought the animals brought into the home can cause a child's immune system to mature faster so better body's defense against viruses and bacteria that cause respiratory problems, added Bergroth.
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That Can not Do When Having a Baby

Posted by pak yons on Monday, December 31, 2012

What to know about having a baby, For those of you moms, certainly was not looking forward to the presence of the child in the middle of your life. Among the myriad of flavors that will certainly be happy when you wrap the baby up, you know there are some habits that you may not be able to do again.

a. Wearing a white dress
When you have children, you should keep it all white outfit and matching like beige or ivory. The color will not be durable especially if the children have started eating. Your clothes will certainly baby food stains.

b. Hanging out at the cafeAccustomed to hang out at the cafe for a cup of coffee or just chatting with colleagues after work? It may be hard to do it again when the child was there. what to know about having a baby, When working hours are over, the first thing that comes to mind is to see the child immediately, instead of wanting to relax in the cafe.

c. Linger in the toilet

Starting from the bathroom to pee than you would do by quickly when your child because you're reluctant to leave your child for long. So, without knowing you may miss cuddle in the shower or reading a magazine on the toilet.

d. Watching your favorite TV shows intact
The weekend might not like it used to be where you can relax all day, order food while watching your favorite TV show marathon. The weekend is the time for you to give your full attention to your child, especially if you are a working woman. Automatically, you may be hard to watch TV in their entirety.

e. Completed talks on the phone
what to know about having a baby..When you have a baby, there are a few moments you might have trouble finishing up a phone call. She may not take too long ignored when you call fun. However, on the other hand, you might be able to save on the pulse.
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music baby / Making Babies More Responsive

Posted by pak yons on Saturday, December 29, 2012

Music for baby, NOT hurt sing to the baby. In addition to delivering them sleep kea in dreams, music was able to make them more responsive.

Babies who are used to listening to the song will be more smiles and faster communication. The researchers found that the brains of infants, baby sleep music, even before a baby can walk or talk, very responsive to music.

music baby..Babies who are exposed to music often easier to calm down and be more likely to communicate with signals such as pointing and waving objects.

"There are many ways parents can connect with their baby," said Andrew Unrau, research study coordinator at McMaster University in Canada.

"The great thing about music is that everyone loved it and everyone can learn simple but interactive music together," baby sleep music he added
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Mother's Obesity, children Iron Deficiency

Posted by pak yons on Thursday, December 27, 2012

Iron deficiency in children
. CONDITION overweight during pregnancy, can be called a baby with low iron levels. Similarly, as mentioned in the website HealthDay, Thursday (12/7).

iron deficiency infants, In the mentioned study, the condition of pregnant women with obesity, usually influenced by high hepcidin hormone that can interfere with iron transfer to the fetus. Please note, children born with conditions of iron deficiency, have a greater risk of delays in the development of thought, as well as in motor function.

Past research published in the journal Perinatology also mentioned that during pregnancy, women usually hepcidin levels remain low for increasing the transfer to the baby fetus.

Women who are pregnant with obesity, however, has been shown to produce hepcidin higher than women of normal weight.
Studi first suggests that obesity may inhibit the transfer of iron from mother to child, said Dr. Sarbattama Sen, a neonatologist at Tufts Medical Center and assistant professor of pediatrics at Tufts University School of Medicine.

iron deficiency infants, However the authors added that more research is needed to investigate the relationship between obesity and hepcidin levels and iron status of newborns. "During pregnancy, women should try to eat a nutritionally balanced diet, and taking a standard prenatal vitamin recommended by their doctor," said Dao
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Letting Babies Cry Danger Continues

Posted by pak yons on Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Why babies cry, SOME parents may feel relieved when their baby finally fell asleep crying. babies that cry, However, according to a new study published in the journal Early Human Development has revealed that letting children cry will probably make them personal grumpy.

babies that cry, Found that levels of the stress hormone cortisol in babies crying remained high even during them learn to do that yourself. In other words, children are still not happy but could only harbored feelings.

This study was conducted involving tracking hormone levels in infants and their mothers. babies that cry, Many children aged between four and ten months have difficulty sleeping or unaccompanied by their parents entertained before.

During the study, the babies were put to sleep on the bed and attempted to sleep by itself, the length of time they cried was also recorded. Meanwhile, their mother was in the room close enough to hear her, but was not allowed to go to their children. Cortisol levels were measured in mothers and their babies on the first and third nights of the study.

On the third night, the baby crying over a little before falling asleep. However, cortisol levels remain high. In contrast, the number of maternal cortisol has declined, indicating that they have been relaxed because of lack of crying babies.

"Although the baby did not show behavioral cues to show that they find it difficult to sleep, they continue to be physiological, as reflected in their cortisol scores," said Wendy Middlemiss, a researcher at the University of North Texas.

"Babies do not learn how to manage stress and discomfort they experience," he said. In summary, this study shows a decrease in levels of the hormone cortisol. babies that cry, The researchers are now conducting a longer study to see if the hormone levels decrease with time as the baby will learn to sleep alone.
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