The benefits of breastfeeding for babies Intestine

Posted by pak yons on Saturday, January 5, 2013

Breastfeeding babies, Mother's Milk (ASI) has been known to be the best intake for infants. A study published in Genome Biology, reveals exclusive breastfeeding of a baby is able to maintain intestinal microbial attack.

breastfeeding for baby
, In this study, the researchers used transcriptome analysis to compare the gut to the three month old baby. The first group of babies are breastfed exclusively, while the other group was given supplemental breast milk and formula milk.

The benefits of breastfeeding for babies Intestine , The study showed that babies who were breastfed exclusively had the intestinal immune system in warding off microbial attack. "Although we found that the microbiome of infants who were breastfed were significantly enriched in genes associated with 'virulence', including resistance to antibiotics and toxic compounds, we also found a correlation between bacterial pathogenicity and host gene expression associated with immune and defense mechanisms , "said Robert Chapkin from Texas A and M University, as quoted Zeenews, Monday (30/4).

"Our findings suggest that breastfeeding benefits the immune system, reducing the microbial population in the gut, and maintain the stability of the gut," breastfeeding for baby...he added.

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