Choosing the Right Oil for Baby Massage Baby

Posted by pak yons on Sunday, December 23, 2012

Baby oil for massage. BENEFITS massage is not only felt by adults, but also by your baby, even a newborn though. But, of course, techniques and different baby massage oil massage adult.

how-to-massage-baby, The most important thing before you start choosing baby massage is a massage oil or baby oil is right for your baby's comfort. Keeping your baby's skin moist is important. Therefore, during the first few months after birth, baby oil and a bath can help moisturize the skin. Put just a little baby oil to the bathwater.

Actually, you can come to a special baby massage therapist, but give yourself a gentle massage to the baby can make a mom closer to baby. Moreover, the bond of mother and child is very special. Thus, soft touches your baby every day can strengthen these ties.

If you are confused in choosing baby oil, baby there are a variety of specialty products available in the market. Try it Pigeon, Johnson & Johnson, or Chicco. Or, try the traditional oils such as olive and coconut oil.

1. Before you try baby oil on your baby's skin, baby massage, put some on hand and rubbed into the skin of the baby to see if it fits your baby's skin.

2. If your baby has a rash so avoid these types of oils. However, almost all brands of baby oil according to the baby's skin.

3. Gently, pour oil on the baby's stomach and began to rotate clockwise motion soft. Do not give strong pressure while giving a massage because it is not needed.

4. Always keep in mind that your baby's comfort is important. baby massage, Give a massage only when your baby feel comfortable and not fussy.

5. Observe your baby's sleep cycle and then decide the best time to give you a massage. Usually, after a good massage, baby massage , babies tend to sleep soundly. So let your baby enjoy a good sleep after the massage and woke up to shower.

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