Letting Babies Cry Danger Continues

Posted by pak yons on Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Why babies cry, SOME parents may feel relieved when their baby finally fell asleep crying. babies that cry, However, according to a new study published in the journal Early Human Development has revealed that letting children cry will probably make them personal grumpy.

babies that cry, Found that levels of the stress hormone cortisol in babies crying remained high even during them learn to do that yourself. In other words, children are still not happy but could only harbored feelings.

This study was conducted involving tracking hormone levels in infants and their mothers. babies that cry, Many children aged between four and ten months have difficulty sleeping or unaccompanied by their parents entertained before.

During the study, the babies were put to sleep on the bed and attempted to sleep by itself, the length of time they cried was also recorded. Meanwhile, their mother was in the room close enough to hear her, but was not allowed to go to their children. Cortisol levels were measured in mothers and their babies on the first and third nights of the study.

On the third night, the baby crying over a little before falling asleep. However, cortisol levels remain high. In contrast, the number of maternal cortisol has declined, indicating that they have been relaxed because of lack of crying babies.

"Although the baby did not show behavioral cues to show that they find it difficult to sleep, they continue to be physiological, as reflected in their cortisol scores," said Wendy Middlemiss, a researcher at the University of North Texas.

"Babies do not learn how to manage stress and discomfort they experience," he said. In summary, this study shows a decrease in levels of the hormone cortisol. babies that cry, The researchers are now conducting a longer study to see if the hormone levels decrease with time as the baby will learn to sleep alone.

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